Our expertise enables us to work with companies that look to address the biggest challenges and opportunities of the ever-evolving technology industry.
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Consulting is one of the core areas of our business and revolves around providing knowledge-driven services to help you create sustainable business growth. Achieving this requires identification of your requirements, and then advising and guiding your team to convert your business objectives into actionable plans.
Consulting is a close partnership that guarantees effective supervision in technical and commercial matters. We can identify opportunities in technology domains that can be effectively utilized by your organization. Our experts can help you devise a robust strategy for adopting certain technological changes that will streamline your business operations. Consulting covers multiple offerings which can be offered as standalone or bundled services, such as developing technical roadmaps, creating an architecture for software solutions, designing efficient business processes that utilize technology and automation, etc.

Consulting opportunities you can leverage


We can guide you through the digital transformation of your business by leveraging the right technologies and implementing business processes that help you grow. However, digital transformation is not only about technology stacks, more importantly, but it’s also about redefining the way your company acquires decision-making intelligence and responds to dynamic business challenges. We can advise you from the strategy definition stage to the execution and maintenance of the processes.


We offer comprehensive services in the embedded software domain, starting from programming power-efficient low-complexity microcontroller platforms to high-performance embedded systems which often are equipped with off-the-shelf x86/ARM application CPUs. We have a substantial grasp of digital design, communication busses/protocols, bare-metal programming, and peripheral interfaces used in contemporary embedded systems.


Our experts can provide technical training for your organization to upskill your workforce. Optime’s team has huge experience in industries such as telecommunications, networking, embedded systems, and multimedia engineering. Training can be offered as private on-site sessions or in virtual classrooms accessible remotely anywhere in the world.

Complex Problems

We can help you solve complex technical issues that might be restraining your business processes. Our team can analyze the problem you’re facing with the current systems and provide a patch.
High-level planning and architecture of software
Generally, all software solutions require architectural definition, but large-scale ones need their requirements carefully analyzed and planned to avoid potential long-term problems. The definition of software architecture is a delicate work that requires vast hands-on experience and knowledge of multiple layers of the technology stack. Fortunately, Optime’s team is more than equipped to deal with these challenges. Our specialized knowledge of several core industries puts us in a unique position to provide tailored consulting services when it comes to the definition of software architecture.
Evolving software product management practices
Software architectures have evolved over the last years, as the industry paradigms evolve, the businesses need to follow or otherwise risk being pushed out of the market. One of the main challenges companies face is maintaining and upgrading the large legacy code bases that need to be modified to fit into contemporary workflows. We can help you overhaul your software products, transform them to more modern architectures and make them more maintainable in the long term.


Broadcast-grade Low Latency Multiviewer

C/C++, Yocto, TypeScript