Our workflow is agile and utilizes the best practices of the DevOps model.
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Our software development section combines several domains where we offer expert services. These domains include firmware development, embedded software development, and IoT systems development. However, several complementary domains such as mobile, desktop, and web applications development are also included in our offerings, to deliver end-to-end services for our customers.
We can deliver software development services from scratch, starting from the proof of concept or MVP development phase, as well as extending the support for the existing software stack, which needs to be maintained because of EOL. We also can help you build on your current software tools to develop new features or optimize them for better performance.

What scope does each domain cover?


We master custom firmware engineering using Yocto and Buildroot. Additionally, we have extensive experience in assembly language programming for major CPU architectures like x86-64, AArch64, and AArch32. We can also help you build and customize major open-source operating systems such as Linux-based or BSD-based ones, or tune your existing applications to exploit platform-specific features and gain performance.

Software Development

We offer comprehensive services in the embedded software domain, starting from programming power-efficient low-complexity microcontroller platforms to high-performance embedded systems which often are equipped with off-the-shelf x86/ARM application CPUs. We have a substantial grasp of digital design, communication busses/protocols, bare-metal programming, and peripheral interfaces used in contemporary embedded systems.

IoT Systems

Our expertise in IoT systems covers the architecture and design of end-to-end solutions compatible with modern cloud-native workflows. We aim to build a whole solution tailored for your needs and with efficiency in mind. We utilize our extensive experience in firmware/embedded development to deliver optimized solutions on a connected device level while employing the latest software design principles to architect the upper layers of the system.


We provide application development services in web, mobile, and desktop realms. The Application development domain often complements our other services. Our toolset in this domain involves technologies such as: React, NestJS, Node.js, Angular, Vue, Qt, iOS/Android Development, etc.
Benefits of Custom Firmware Development
Conventionally, firmware has been defined as the software that deals with the lowest levels of the hardware interface, like bootloaders that bring up the device components, board support packages, sometimes device drivers, or even customized operating systems that run on power-constrained devices like consumer network switches. However, today's hardware has become more heterogeneous and integrated workload-specific accelerators and fixed-function logic components, which need to be utilized by software to deliver maximum performance. As a result, customized firmware definition has been expanded to include optimized software libraries and tools that take full advantage of available hardware components. Customized firmware helps you not only cut execution time and responsiveness of the system but also cut the power budget and deployment infrastructure costs.
Embedded software and IoT ecosystem
Generally, embedded software has been around far longer than IoT devices. Still, the world has become more interconnected and computing power - abundantly available, and now, vast numbers of devices are connected and the need to transfer data between different systems is crucial. Many traditionally isolated embedded systems HAVE become part of the IoT ecosystem. This change affects engineering decisions and system design choices. it’s imperative to choose the optimal software stack and hardware components. We can help you wisely architect your next IoT project, guide you through the tradeoffs of different technologies and implement the software solutions that are tailored to your needs.



Linux, Intel Xeon, C/C++, LibVA, Intel Quick Sync

Cloud Storage System

Linux, C/C++, Node.Js, Libuv, Corosync Read Case

DVB Analyzer

Linux, C/C++

Telemedicine Kiosk Streaming

Linux, C/C++, TypeScript, Node.Js, NestJS, React, Mediasoup, Socket.IO, LibWebRTC, Ffmpeg