TV/Multimedia Software Development

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Video processing and streaming solutions consist of multiple components which collectively form complex systems with distributed architecture. All these components can be tailored for the service providers’ needs and customized to exploit certain tradeoffs. With the help of our engineering services, you can build and deploy high-performance software solutions that can seamlessly handle the growing needs of your customers.

The multimedia software industry is vast and includes various sectors, but our services are mostly focused on video engineering and streaming solutions, which are usually used by Internet Protocol television (IPTV) service providers, broadcasters, and OTT providers.
Generally, IPTV is delivered within the operator’s local network, while OTT services can be delivered over any Internet connection. The tradeoffs such as performance, streaming latency, and other metrics vary depending on the service type and solution architecture. However, both of these methods require compute-intensive video processing pipelines to scale services and deliver to millions of customers.

Our core services in the multimedia engineering domain

IPTV-VOD Solutions

IPTV service solutions include creating architecture, developing software for streaming servers, ad insertion/management, video-on-demand (VOD) platforms, set-top-boxes, and other middleware services. Our software offerings include scalable and compute-optimized libraries to ensure high-performance streaming and low-latency delivery.

OTT streaming solutions

OTT services have been growing rapidly over the last few years, as the commoditization of high-speed broadband Internet has led to high-quality premium content streaming directly to consumer devices like phones, personal computers, tablets, and smart TVs. OTT content consumption is on the rise and the providers now need to deal with growing demand with efficient streaming solutions. We can help you build optimized adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming solutions for a growing number of customers.

Video transcoding solutions

Video transcoding is the central part of both, IPTV/VOD and OTT delivery. This process accounts for the most compute-intensive task required to deliver acquired video streams to the customer premises efficiently. We offer dynamic ABR optimized live transcoding solutions compatible with standard IPTV deployments as well as hybrid TV and OTT services.

360-degree video solutions

Rapid commercialization of virtual reality (VR) technologies has led to the advent of 360° video streaming. 360° video utilizes omnidirectional camera shots to capture the view from every angle and provide a more immersive experience. However, this raises some challenges in the video encoding process and requires evolved methods to deliver the same compression rates. We, at Optime, can help you develop complex transcoding solutions for processing 360° video streams.
Video compression methods - encoding/transcoding
Generally, the objective of video compression is to reduce the video stream size to a minimum amount as long as the picture quality stays relatively unchanged for the human eye. The process of compressing a raw video stream is called encoding while decompressing the encoded video streams is called - video decoding. Both of these parts together are referred to as video transcoding. We offer transcoding solutions supporting multiple coding standards and container/transport formats like MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC, VPx, AV1, HLS, MPEG-DASH, etc.
Adaptive bitrate technologies for video streaming
Even though broadband Internet has been widely accessible for the last decade, still, connection speeds can vary for different locations and environments. Moreover, consumer devices with different screen sizes and computing capacity present an issue while directly delivering OTT streaming services. These problems are solved by adaptive bitrate streaming, which essentially delivers a set of the encoded video for different bitrates and screen resolutions to allow the receiving device to choose the most optimal format dynamically. Our solutions include advanced automatic ABR encoding schemes that deliver high video quality for the lowest bitrate.


SDI-to-IP Media Processing Platform

C/C++, Yocto, TypeScript

Video On Demand

Linux, C/C++, Buildroot

Cloud Storage System

Linux, C/C++, Node.Js, Libuv, Corosync Read Case

Broadcast-grade Low Latency Multiviewer

C/C++, Yocto, TypeScript

Uncompressed-over-IP Video Processing Platform

Linux, C/C++, WPF

DVB Analyzer

Linux, C/C++