Dedicated Teams
Today's workforce and workplace are evolving faster than anyone anticipated.
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Generally, a dedicated team model saves the client’s traditional overheads of the hiring/onboarding process. This way, you get to acquire specialized talent that can work exclusively on your project full-time. This partnership model is widely used in software development because it offers an efficient way to add top talent to your software development teams while you focus on more high-level business tasks, and your development partners take care of the administrative part. Dedicated teams are usually employed to have only your company’s objectives in mind, making this model more holistic and business-oriented.

The world’s largest companies are shifting to leverage virtual and remote workplace models to extend their workforce. Companies realize post-COVID-19 implications for their operations and try to become more adept at new challenges that arose in recent years.
IT can be considered one of the heavily augmented industries across virtual and remote domains. Especially, the dedicated team model seems to be transforming the way organizations receive software development services. This model helps companies extend or acquire a professional software development workforce through outsourcing companies and scale as their business needs change.

What are some of the pros and cons of the Dedicated Teams model?


The pricing model in a dedicated team is quite simple. Each employee has a specific hourly rate, and you pay for the number of hours worked, forget about the expenses of taking people in-house. This allows you to have a more flexible budget in case you change the focus of your project or a part of it.

Flexible Team

You can hand-select the specific composition of your team depending on your business requirements. As partners, we will study the project requirements and goals and suggest an optimal dedicated team structure. In case the project’s focus shifts, we can easily leverage the resources and quickly ramp up the team.

Not ideal for
short-term projects

This model is not suitable for small projects with a short duration and tight budgets. It could take longer to hire and integrate the whole Dedicated Team; therefore, we recommend choosing another model for your product development, Time and Material or Fixed Price models are preferable in this case.

Hiring the right
team takes time

The process of hiring a dedicated team is usually done from scratch, meaning that it will take significant time investment for you to define the requirements and source all talent all by yourself. Meanwhile, outsourcing companies like ours can offer you specialized teams that have a history of collaboration with each other, are fully assembled, and can flawlessly integrate within your organization’s workforce.
Dedicated teams and Agile development
Dedicated teams model intrinsically offers more agility for projects with flexible requirements. If you have loosely defined specifications for a software project and you need to set up a team that can adapt to changing requirements, a dedicated teams model is probably your best option. Consequently, a dedicated team will fit naturally in your agile development workflow, as they are best suited for iteration-based processes. Our company provides on-demand dedicated teams service for software development, especially in industries such as telecommunications, video engineering, networking, firmware, and embedded software development, where we offer hands-on expertise in developing large-scale projects.
Dedicated teams in action
Usually, dedicated teams are best to be hired for long-term complex projects that require high-level of expertise in the field. Projects like this, tend to have expanding needs as the product matures or grows in scope. Therefore, it’s important to have a team of experienced professionals that focus on the given project full-time and dedicate their work to the project objectives. As opposed to the time and material model, the dedicated teams model guarantees the hired workforce is always available for your tasks and does not get sidetracked on other projects when they don’t have hands full with your project.


SDI-to-IP Media Processing Platform

C/C++, Yocto, TypeScript

Video On Demand

Linux, C/C++, Buildroot

Cloud Storage System

Linux, C/C++, Node.Js, Libuv, Corosync Read Case

Broadcast-grade Low Latency Multiviewer

C/C++, Yocto, TypeScript

Uncompressed-over-IP Video Processing Platform

Linux, C/C++, WPF

DVB Analyzer

Linux, C/C++